First time blogger, long time thinker…

First time I’ve blogged, at least the actual intention to keep an active blog that I can refer back to in the future and see how events in my life have changed the way I perceive life. I would give just about anything to go back and read my perspectives on life from four to five years ago, experiences can shape your perspective quite quickly it seems.

Today I will write a bit about recently being fired from New Leaf Community Market Corporate office.

I was originally hired about two weeks prior to them firing me, I had been working at the store level for about 7 months when I heard of an opening doing computer work, mostly data entry.

In short, I worked 9 business days, not even a full week because I was fufilling my obligations at the store level and NL did not want me to work into over time… at the end of those 9 days I was fired!

Don’t worry, this blog isn’t going to be about work, school, and other useless crap that nobody cares about (by the way, this blog is for me, not you… I truly don’t care if anyone else reads this, in fact I may prefer it that way)

I was originally told they needed someone interested in the business who wanted to stay with the company for a long time. I told her I interviewed and said I was that person, and that nothing had changed. Weather or not that was the truth, I’m not sure… but I figured, why not feed them what they want to hear?

The reason for my termination was then changed to “accuracy problems on the keyboard.” Shocked beyond belief that I was actually being fired, afterall, just two days prior my boss had told the Marketing Director, who likely had a hand in my being hired, that I was doing quote “a fantastic job.”

Almost slightly amused at the utter bullshit of the situation that was being presented to me, I told my boss, “Well, if you guys are concerned about accuracy I should just take a speed and efficiency test, if I test below 90%, just let me go – at least we would know if I am qualified to do the job.

Nope, nothing, nada… she wanted nothing to do with any sort of tests. The woman I once admired for her commitment to her job and the people working for her didn’t even have the balls to look me in the eye a single time during the process – not once!

I gave half-assed rebuttles such as, “It just seems out of the blue, just last week I was told I was doing a fantastic job,” to which I would get a Human Resources generated response like, “I could see why you would feel that way.”

In short, I was unable to gather my thoughts very well while being fired, this was a first for me… so I placed a call to her about an hour later to discuss my feelings. I just wanted some sort of closure and idea of why I was being terminated with such urgency when I was told I would be given two months to get trained.

I was given no such closure at all, in fact every question I asked her, she created more questions with generic, vague, I’m trying my very best to give out the least amount of information possible type responses.


A bit confused and pissed off, I went home and took the accuracy test just for my own peace of mind.  72 words per minute, with 95% accuracy.  Oh well, it doesn’t matter, it didn’t matter, things have changed… it’s time to look forward instead of wondering about the past.

Fuck it I figured, the job was going to hold me back a full year in school – a thing that in retrospect I figured was a decent way for me to avoid a certain Mathematics class that has been dragging me down my entire college career.

Well, now I find myself jobless but fully committed to school for the first time in a while which I think is a good thing. As long as I can keep myself afloat with cash in the interim, school is where I belong and I will also be seeking part time work in the near future.


~ by yamar2001 on February 26, 2009.

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