Fund Raiser For Sarah…

Been a bit since I’ve updated.

A few weeks ago we had a fundraiser for Sarah who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  What better way to bring people together, friends whom haven’t seen each other in a long time than to try to raise money for a family clearly in need.  Sarah, bald headed and seemingly more tired than usual face served as a sober reminder that while we can rise up as a community and try to fix this, the end solution is in the hands of someone else, someone bigger.

Sarah, young, vibrant and health conscious fell victim to cancer after giving birth to her child, Marek, just a few short years before.  When we think of people getting sick we often have reservations about what that actually means.  Call me an optimist but I don’t envision a 30 year old woman, recently having given birth as the prime candidate for cancer.

Cancer has no prejudices, no reservations about who it can or can’t attack.  It either happens to you or it doesn’t, but surely Cancer has played a role in most people’s lives at one point or another.  It has to be one of the scarier words in the English dictionary, even the sound of the word at times sends chills down my back.  I do remember the heart-ache it put on my family when I was young.  Luckily Mom made it, but seeing my Grandparents so vulnerable and sad… it broke my heart and I still have vivid memories of my Grandfather sitting at the kitchen table one night crying.  I told him I knew Mom was  going to be okay, that he shouldn’t be sad.  He replied with a realistic tone and said, “She’s the only Mother you’ve got, you better hope she’s okay.”

Back to the fund raiser.  It appears the fund raiser was a great success raising in between 5000-6000 dollars – wonderful.  I personally didn’t buy anything at the silent auction, but Tony ended up with a print by Ryan (Sarah’s cousin) that was taken from a concert we attended at Moe’s sometime ago.  It now hangs proudly in his living room above his computer.  Instead of purchasing something I opted to just give money to Sarah and Dan, maybe that’s a tacky way of doing it, but I don’t care.

In all the fund raiser hosted well over 100 people.  We were told despite the press the event got in the local papers (Thanks Emily!) only two people off the street came in to show support.  It’s a good thing Sarah and Dan are known around the community as wonderful people, all their friends and family showed a great amount of support and truely, it was a very nice afternoon.

The Fund Raiser was flooded with newly born children, most in between 1-4 years old.  It appears we’re getting to that age in which the pressure of having a kid sets in.  During Space Heater’s music the children ran in circles right in front of the stage, reminding us to stay positive and youthful, with endless hope, and perhaps, maybe even a bit of nativity.  

I really do hope Sarah gets back to full health.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to deal with this at such a young age.  On one hand you have the intense feeling of financial stress everytime you open another medical bill, on the other hand you really don’t care how much the fucking bill costs, as long as it’s improving you health.  It should be god damn illegal for medical companies to charge some $9000 for a single shot administered to Sarah, but it isn’t and you simply can’t put a price-tag on life.

I’m trying to personally use this time of struggle for them as a way to remind myself to appreciate each and everyday.  We often times become complacement with life, and come to expect these wonderful things that happen.  The beauty of friendship, music, and love to name a few.  I’ve been lucky in my life.  I had a great group of friends in highschool, and after that moved to one of the most beautiful regions of the US.  In fact, I think it’s the nicest place I’ve been to ever.  At times I lose track of these simple appreciations for what I’ve been given.  Wonderful friends, an absolutely gorgeous beach a half a mile down the road from me, a supportive and attractive girlfriend, and a loving family.  When these unfair and shocking events pop their ugly heads into our lives, we need to sit back and think of all that is good.

Hopefully someday Sarah will look back and tell her friends she kicked cancer’s ass with ease.  The truth of the matter is, I think her positive attitude will prove to be instrumental in her regaining.  I often wonder who is controlling this spiral we call life.  Who calls the shots?  Most importantly, if there is someone else controlling this, how the hell can this be dealt to someone?  They say everything happens for a reason, but I’m just not sure that’s always the case.  I sometimes find myself angry at the person behind the wheel, a bit of disgust that they would let this happen.  My anger then transforms into something closely resembling hate… and then, I tell myself, stop, or he’ll send you to hell.


~ by yamar2001 on May 11, 2009.

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