The Love of our life, missing, now over 48 hours…

The little kitty that is often times on the hood of my car showing off her tiny little meow for the whole world to see has popped up missing.  It’s been a long 48 hours, that’s for certain.  Friday at 8am Emily fed Althea the way she does everyday before work, and typically we see her back within a few hours.  She runs around, plays with some other kitties…lays in the sun carelessly, but always returns shortly to remind us she wants her food!

She’s a far more needy cat than most, she sleeps under the covers in Emily or I’s arms every single night and has only spent the night out alone twice in her whole life besides this little episode.  We’ve fliered, talked to neighbors, went to every shelter… so far we have come up completely empty.

Speaking of empty… that’s how I feel.  I want that fucking cat back, and I want it back now.  She has had enough time to go get to know the neighborhood.  Maybe she’s trying to send a message, “I want Salmon every night, no Kibble!”  In any case, I’d be happy to honor her requests if she’d just give me the chance.

This has been extremely difficult for Emily and I.  Looking into Emily’s eyes daily and seeing her cry for hours has taken its tole on me.  For a full day almost I didn’t cry one bit, I was able to keep things together and tell myself that the cat was just exploring and that she’d be right back.

Friday afternoon I was hanging out over at Christian’s.  We were in his kitchen talking about God knows what, when I told him that lately I’ve felt really weird vibes in the air.  I had been getting odd messages from my intuition.  When my intuition tells me something, I often respond… because alot of the time it remains a less action entity than some claim theirs to be.

In any case, I told Christian I felt like something very significant was taking place, and about to show up in my life.  I went on to say that the event could be either great for my life, or harmful and toxic.  I was leaning towards a bad event.  Three hours later, I went home to find the cat missing… and we haven’t seen her since.  I pray to God that this isn’t the event I was talking about.  No, this is God’s way of flirting with me…  his way of keeping me on my toes.  

As if things hadn’t been difficult enough for us, after putting up fliers all over the neighborhood, last night we received a call from some sick fuck telling us that he had the cat and he was going to harm it.  He told Emily he had the cat on webcam and that if she didn’t come to find her, she’d kill the cat.  This obviously was a prank, some stupid fucking kid that deserves to get the crap people outta him by his parents.  Today, our very first thing to do is get that idiot arrested.  The police have been notified and we now need to call the phone carrier to file a complaint, after that…they will trace the call and make arrests.  

Please come home Althea, we love you, we miss you so much more than you can imagine, and every waking moment has been a struggle since you left.  I just want to know where you are.


~ by yamar2001 on May 23, 2009.

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