Althea Found!

After four long days, we got Althea back!  We received about a dozen phone calls from the neighborhood, their attempts to locate the cat for us are so much appreciated.  The calls we received included two false alarms for the same cat (that mind you looked exactly like Althea and had been hanging near our house!) and then there was the Jewish family from up the street who claimed Althea had been sleeping in their house for three to four days.  We brought pictures over, and they said, “Absolutely, that’s her!”  A day or so later Emily received the call saying Althea had come back to their house, so she quickly ran off, only to find the family hanging out with a cat that looked nothing like Althea at all – oops!  Perhaps the most interesting call came on day 3, late at night when Emily was just beginning to become quite emotional about Althea being gone that long.  Some sicko called Emily’s phone and said they had the cat and were going to kill it unless Emily came to get her shortly.  These type of people don’t really deserve my brain power, but to elaborate a little… they said they were going to put the cat on a WebCam so we could see her, and then if we wanted her back we’d have to find the house… otherwise she was dead – little idiots like that who somehow gain self esteem by preying on other people’s vulnerability are the trash of the earth.  I was a trouble-maker when younger, but never did I want to compromise people’s comfort.  In the end, the cat was returned by us to a family who was walking down by the beach and noticed the kitty following them back to their home.  They had seen one of the perhaps 200 fliers we put up in the neighborhood and called us, and our little daughter was returned to us!  Safe and sound, though a bit shy at first.  We assume she was moving from location to location for the four days, getting bits of food from other cat’s bowls along the way… and maybe eating another bird.  In any case, we’re extremely happy to have her back in our life and hope she decides to not roam to the beach again anytime soon, she certainly got lost!


~ by yamar2001 on May 29, 2009.

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